When Do I Call

My Birth Photographer?

You are welcome to text, email or call me anytime. I’d appreciate being updated as things progress, but I
especially want to hear from you these events.

When you have contractions that are consistent for one hour, give me a call and let’s discuss length, frequency, and intensity. Please call me even if there is an inkling of labor. It’s better to call with a false alarm than to miss the birth! Also, call again when active labor is confirmed (typically at 6cm).

6cm Dilated
I try to arrive at the hospital/home/birth center when you are dilated to 6cm, but EVERY scenario, birth, and mother are different. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict whether you’re going to go from 4cm to 9cm dilation in 30mins or 5cm to 6cm in 5 hours.

Things I Need to Know Beforehand
o Your estimated Due date and where you plan to birth.
o Whether you plan induction or to Labor at home for as long as possible.
o How long your past deliveries were.
o Planned vaginal birth or Cesarean birth.
o How we should proceed in event of complication(s), including bereavement.

These answers may change when the moment arrives, but they often give us a better idea as to what might happen and when I should arrive.




Beginning at week 36, I am on-call for you 24/7. This means I have put aside time to await the moment you go into labor. I will be expecting a call from you at any time of night or day. Please don't hesitate to text, email or call me with any questions or concerns. The only stupid questions are the questions not being asked. There is no judgement. I am here to help.

If you think you are in labor, please call me on my cell phone. A text or email is not appropriate in this case, so again, please call. If I miss your call, please try again. I will call you back momentarily.