When Do I Call My Doula?

You are welcome to text, email or call me anytime,
but I especially want to hear from you after these events.

After a Doctor or Midwife Visit
I would love to hear any updates from your doctor or midwife appointments. Feel free to communicate these through text or email unless something significant has changed since our last communication. In that case, please call.

Consistent Contractions for One Hour
When you have contractions that are consistent for one hour, give me a call and let’s discuss length, frequency, and intensity.

When Your Water Breaks
If your water gushed or you suspect a leak, call your provider FIRST! And then call me. Remember COAT . . . Color, Odor, Amount, and Time. Your provider might want to know these details.

Other Early Labor Signs
Upset stomach, loose bowels, bloody show. Generally feeling poorly. Call your provider FIRST, and then call me.



Beginning at week 36, I am on-call for you 24/7. This means I have put aside time to await the moment you go into labor. I will be expecting a call from you at any time of night or day. There is no inconvenience. I am here for you.

Please don’t hesitate to text, email or call me with any questions or concerns. If I’m able to provide advice or guide you to the answers or information you’re seeking, I’m happy to do so. The only stupid questions are the questions not being asked. There is no judgement. I am here to help.

If you think you are in labor, please call me on my cell phone. If your partner calls, I will ask to speak with you. This is so I can assess your condition and stage of labor before heading over. A text or email is not appropriate in this case, so again, please call. If I miss your call, please try again. I will call you back momentarily.